What does the alarm "Subscription total usage or expired" mean?

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The "Subscription total usage or expired" alarm is a notification from Nordic Gamekeeper regarding your Cloud Camera/NG-SIM data subscription. This alarm is triggered when your subscription has reached its data limit or has expired.

To address this alarm and ensure uninterrupted access to your Cloud Camera/NG-SIM services, please follow these steps:

  1. Renew or upgrade subscription: If your subscription has expired or you have reached the data limit, you can renew or upgrade your subscription directly in the Nordic Gamekeeper app. Head over to the subscription tab and follow the instructions to renew or select a higher-tier subscription plan that suits your needs.
  2. Update payment information: If your subscription has not expired but your payment information needs to be updated, ensure that you provide the correct and up-to-date payment details. This will ensure a smooth renewal process for your subscription.
  3. Contact Nordic Gamekeeper support: If you have followed the above steps and continue to experience issues with your subscription or have any questions, our dedicated support team at Nordic Gamekeeper is here to assist you. Please reach out to us through the contact options available in the app, and we will be happy to help resolve any subscription-related concerns.
  4. Check data consumption: You can easily monitor your data usage within the Nordic Gamekeeper app. Go to the app and navigate to your device overview to review your current data consumption.

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