What does the alarm "NG-SIM will be terminated in 14 days and subscription migrated to gallery" mean?

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The alarm "NG-SIM will be terminated in 14 days and subscription migrated to gallery" indicates that your NG-SIM subscription is approaching its expiration date. After termination, your subscription will automatically be migrated to the gallery service.

There are two ways to address this situation:

  1. If you want your NG-SIM subscription to transition to NG-Gallery:
    • Option 1: Wait for the automatic transition to occur. Your NG-SIM subscription will be terminated in 14 days, and the migration to NG-Gallery will be initiated automatically.
    • Option 2: Manually terminate your NG-SIM subscription by going to the settings tab in the app. Select the "Terminate NG-SIM" option to initiate the termination process and transition to NG-Gallery.
  2. If you want to reactivate your NG-SIM subscription:
    • Update your profile information and payment details to ensure a smooth subscription payment process. Make sure that your profile information, including your name, address, and contact details, is accurate and up to date. Similarly, verify that your payment information is correct and valid.
    • Contact Nordic Gamekeeper Support for assistance in reactivating your NG-SIM subscription. Our support team will guide you through the necessary steps and activate your subscription from our end.

By following these steps, you can either allow the automatic transition to NG-Gallery or reactivate your NG-SIM subscription with an updated profile and payment information. If you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to Nordic Gamekeeper Support for personalized support and guidance.

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