What does the alarm "Payment for subscription failed due to authorization error" mean?

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The "Payment for subscription failed due to authorization error" alarm indicates that there was a problem processing your subscription payment for Nordic Gamekeeper's services.

In short:

  • The alarm signals a payment-related issue.
  • The problem typically stems from discrepancies in payment details or mismatches with the profile information in the app.

Common Cause:

  • Mismatches between payment details (like credit card information) and the app's profile details (specifically, the full name and address).

How to Resolve the Alarm:

1. Update Profile Information:

  • Launch the app and head to your profile.
  • Ensure that the name and address in your profile match the cardholder's name and address. Update any outdated or incorrect information as needed.

2. Verify Payment Details:

  • Double-check that details like the payment method, card number, expiration date, and CVV code are correct.
  • Correct any incorrect information you have.

3. Add a New Payment Method (If Required):

  • If the current method is out-of-date or invalid, add a fresh and valid payment method.
  • Designate this method as your subscription's default.

4. Consult Your Bank or Payment Provider:

  • If all details seem correct and you have sufficient funds but face transaction issues, reach out to your bank or payment service. They can clarify any issues or restrictions you might be encountering.

5. Seek Help from Our Support team:

  • Should the issue persist or if you need more guidance, connect with the Nordic Gamekeeper support team. We can offer specialized assistance and troubleshoot your payment challenges.

By addressing and fixing the reasons behind this alarm, you ensure a smooth and continuous access to all the services offered by Nordic Gamekeeper.

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