Is FeedCon® compatible with all feeders on the market?

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Yes, you can use FeedCon® with any timer-controlled feeders on the market that use a 12-volt power supply. It is compatible with all brands and models.

FeedCon® is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different systems, making it a suitable solution for feed distribution. By integrating FeedCon® into your existing feeder, you can upgrade it to a more advanced and efficient device.

With FeedCon®, you can automate and control the feed distribution in a precise and flexible manner. It allows you to optimize the feeding process, saving time and energy while improving hunting or animal feeding activities.

FeedCon® offers easy installation and user-friendly operation. It provides various settings options to customize the feed amount, feeding times, and other parameters according to your needs and preferences. You can conveniently configure and adjust these settings through the Nordic Gamekeeper app or web interface.

Regardless of the timer-controlled feeder you use, you can benefit from FeedCon® to enhance and streamline your feeding system. Explore the many advantages of FeedCon® and take control of your feed distribution in a smarter and more automated way.

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