How should I position the Cloud Camera®?

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For best results, follow these tips for mounting your Cloud Camera®:

  • Position the camera facing north or south.

The sun can cause false triggers with east or west camera placement. North is best.

  • Point the camera at a 45-degree angle.

Position your camera at a 45-degree angle to a trail, allowing more time for an animal to trigger the camera's sensors for a photo. Never place a camera directly across from a trail because it will leave less time for your camera to photograph a fast-moving deer or other object.

  • Place Camera about 6 meters (20 feet) from your target

This distance helps provide good lighting for a clear photo of the entire target.

  • Place Camera 1-1,5 meters (3 to 5 feet) off the ground

Mount your camera to a stand or a strong tree that won’t sway.  This will help ensure you don’t receive any unwanted photos of small critters curious about your camera.

  • Clear vegetation in front of the camera

Remove grass, small limbs and twigs away from the camera’s view to avoid getting unwanted pictures of moving vegetation.

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