What does the "Camera battery critical" alarm mean on Cloud Camera?

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The "Camera battery critical" alarm indicates that the battery level of your Cloud Camera is critically low and requires immediate attention. This alarm serves as a reminder to replace the AA batteries or recharge the 12V external battery that powers the camera.

To address this alarm and ensure uninterrupted operation of your Cloud Camera, please follow these steps:

  1. Check the camera battery level: You can monitor the camera battery level through the Nordic Gamekeeper app. If you are using AA batteries, the app will display the battery level for your convenience.
  2. Replace AA batteries: If your Cloud Camera is powered by AA batteries, replace the old or depleted batteries with fresh ones. Make sure to use high-quality batteries for optimal performance.
  3. Recharge 12V external battery: If your Cloud Camera is powered by a 12V external battery, connect it to a suitable charger and recharge the battery. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper charging.
  4. Monitor battery level: After replacing the batteries, monitor the battery level regularly to ensure it remains at an acceptable level. This will help you stay informed about the battery status and avoid critical low levels in the future.
  5. Consider battery performance optimization: To maximize the battery life of your Cloud Camera, you can optimize its performance by adjusting settings such as PIR sensitivity, image capture frequency, or using activity times for you camera. These optimizations can help prolong battery life and reduce the frequency of battery replacements or recharging.

Following these steps and taking appropriate action, you can address the "Camera battery critical" alarm, ensuring that your Cloud Camera remains powered and operational for continuous monitoring and capturing of photos and videos.

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