What does the alarm "Camera storage full" mean?

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When you receive an alarm indicating "Camera storage full," it means that the storage capacity of the camera's memory is completely utilized and there is no more space available to store new photos.

When the camera storage is full, it can no longer capture or save any new photos until space is cleared or additional storage is added. This can prevent the camera from functioning properly and result in missed photo opportunities.

To address this issue and resume normal camera operation, you can take the following steps:

  1. Review and delete unnecessary files: Access the camera's storage and review the existing photos. Delete any photos that are no longer needed.
  2. Transfer images to another storage device: If there are important images that you want to keep, transfer them to another storage device such as a computer, external hard drive, or cloud storage. This will create more space on the camera's storage.
  3. Increase storage capacity: If you frequently encounter the "Camera storage full" alarm, consider upgrading the camera's storage capacity. This may involve replacing the memory card with a larger one (maximum 32GB) that is compatible with your Cloud Camera.
  4. Enable SD-Cycle: The Cloud Camera has a feature called SD-Cycle that automatically deletes older photos to make space for new ones. Enable SD-cycle in the Cloud Camera settings. Enabling SD-Cycle ensures that your camera continues to capture new photos even when the storage is almost full.

By managing the storage capacity of your camera and taking appropriate actions when the "Camera storage full" alarm occurs, you can ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation of your Cloud Camera for capturing photos.

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