What does the "FeedCon restarted" alarm mean?

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When you see the "FeedCon restarted" alarm, it indicates that the FeedCon device has been restarted for some reason. This can happen when you disconnect and reconnect the battery during calibration or when you replace an empty battery with a new one.

The purpose of this alarm is to provide you with information about the status of the device and to alert you that a restart has occurred. It is a normal part of the device's operation and does not necessarily indicate any problem or malfunction.

If you intentionally performed an action that caused the device to restart, such as calibration or battery replacement, you can simply acknowledge the alarm and continue using the FeedCon as usual.

However, if the device has restarted unexpectedly or without your intervention, it may be worth checking the battery level and ensuring that it is properly connected. If you encounter any issues or concerns related to the restart, it is recommended to consult the user manual or contact the Nordic Gamekeeper support team for further assistance.

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